Man throwing dumbbells on gym floor is 'very dangerous' and annoying to others: Stomper

Submitted by Stomper David

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The impact was so great you can see the camera shake.

A man in a gym dropping dumbbells on the floor was caught on video by another gym-goer who did not approve of the behaviour.

"When training in the gym, I saw this muscle man doing something very dangerous – throwing dumbbells instead of letting go slowly and safely," said Stomper David.

"This might cause injuries to others nearby."

Sharing the video, he told Stomp it was taken at a gym in Balestier on March 12 at around 5.10pm.

The video shows the man seated on a bench doing a set of incline dumbbell press before lowering his arms to the side and letting the dumbbells drop on the floor so hard that they bounced several times.

The Stomper said: "I am a regular gym-goer there, and I have been using the gym for quite some time now. However, the behaviour of this man is causing a great deal of disturbance and discomfort to me and other gym members.

"The man in question seems to have a careless attitude towards the gym equipment, especially the dumbbells. He does not put them down gently as one would expect but rather, throw them on the floor multiple times.

"This action produces a loud and jarring noise that reverberates throughout the gym, causing a great deal of noise pollution.

"Moreover, the sudden impact of the dumbbells hitting the floor poses a serious safety hazard to other gym-goers. The noise is so loud that it disrupts the concentration of other members who are working out, making it difficult for them to focus on their exercise routine.

"The constant noise produced by the man's actions has become a significant annoyance to everyone present in the gym. It creates an unpleasant environment that makes it challenging to concentrate.

"As a gym-goer, I strongly believe that the gym is a place for people to exercise, unwind, and relax. It is a place where one can find solace in their workout routines, and this can only be achieved if the environment is conducive.

"However, the man's behaviour is making it difficult for gym-goers to achieve this. It is unacceptable that one individual's actions should have such a profound impact on the experience of other gym-goers."

In response to a Stomp query, the club manager for the gym said: "We have informed the member and he has apologised on his actions.

"It was his first time trying new weighs and he couldn’t control the load."