Man thinks of putting dog down after it bit him, but changes his mind after seeing it cry

We talk about second chances, but we always link that phrase to humans. How many of us would offer an animal a second chance?

That was the choice a netizen know as Ang was faced with, and he took to social media to share his story.

About a year ago, Ang heard howling noises from a mountainside in Malaysia, reports World Of Buzz.

He returned to that location with his co-workers and rescued a puppy that was all alone there.

Ang named the dog Jacky, in the hope that it would grow up to be as fierce as the martial arts star.

Said Ang in his post:

"In just a year, I've spent more than RM10k ($3,162) on him. He is very energetic and loves to jump up on me.

"He even waits for me to come home every day. Recently, I was very busy with having to move houses.

"He saw us moving out a lot of the stuff from home and he wanted to follow too. I didn't have time to attend to him, so I tied him up.

"But he lost his mind and suddenly went berserk and bit me."

Ang got his wounds treated and was given anti-rabies injections.

He would also need four more injections in the next two weeks, and that his friends and family members told him to put the dog to sleep.

"I went to the shop to find him just now. We shook each other’s hands. I told him: 'I was thinking about putting you to sleep just now. But you looked remorseful and there's tears in your eyes, so I guess I’ll just let it pass.'

"He nodded his head. My heart melted when he licked my wound and I almost cried when my daughter took my pictures!"

Many netizens praised Ang for his kindness, saying that most people don't even offer other humans second chances, let alone animals.

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