Man thanks SMRT bus captain for 'saving his day' after returning bag he left at ATM

Submitted by Stomper Raven

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An SMRT bus captain made a Stomper's day with a simple kind gesture.

Stomper Raven told Stomp that he had accidentally left a plastic bag next to a POSB ATM at Hillion Mall on Sunday morning (Feb 12).

He had earlier visited a supermarket to buy items for offerings as he had planned to go to a temple at Bukit Timah.

He didn't realise he had left his bag full of offerings behind until bus captain chased after him and returned his belongings.

"Thank you Mr Haiqal for making my day and I really appreciate the quick response on alerting me during your short tea break before your next trip with bus service 973.

"You saved my day.

"I understand he is new on the job and had started about two months ago.

"You deserve to be complimented because I can feel the pain when [others] lose their belongings and the trouble they go through to get it back."

"All the best, sir!"