Man thanks honest Uber driver for going extra mile to return wallet he left in car

Submitted by Stomper Adrian

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Stomper Adrian wants to thank Uber driver, Sir Foo, for his honesty and going the extra mile to return his wallet that he left in the car on Jul 28.

Adrian had booked an Uber from Marina View to Changi Business Park.

He said that he had not even realised that his wallet was missing.

"The driver was kind enough to return my wallet to me within the next half an hour," said Adrian.

"He managed to find me after calling the number on my name card that was in my wallet."

Adrian wants to bring attention to the driver's kind deed and hopes Stomp can give the driver a Stomp Goody Bag.

If you are the driver or know who the driver is, kindly email Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.