Man takes speaker from e-scooter parked behind Keat Hong Close coffee shop

Submitted by Stomper Joan

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A man was caught on video taking a speaker that was attached to an e-scooter at a coffee shop at Block 803 Keat Hong Close on Tuesday (Aug 20).

Stomper Joan alerted Stomp to the incident and shared closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of the man taking her JBL speaker at about 6.18pm.

"I had left my e-scooter behind my stall as I usually do when the man took the speaker that was hanging from it," she said.

"I usually keep my e-scooter in my sights but at that time, I had just started work and was busy counting money."

Joan told Stomp that the speaker means a lot to her as it was a gift from her late father.

"It has been through a lot these past two years but still works and is of good quality," she said.

"I believe this man stays around the Keat Hong Close area.

"I hope anyone who recognises him will ask him to return it otherwise I will make a police report."