Man takes pot from entrance of Stomper's home after throwing plant by roadside: "They cost about $200"

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A Stomper had his plant killed and its pot taken from the entrance of his home along Flower Road in Kovan.

The total cost of the two reportedly amounted to about $200, said the Stomper. 

According to the timestamp in his surveillance footage, the incident took place at 12.33am in November last year.

In the footage, a car is seen stopping by the roadside.

The driver, a bald man dressed in singlet and shorts, then emerges from it and heads towards the Stomper's residence.

He briefly scans his surroundings before bending down.

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The man is out of the camera's view for a few moments and he is later seen heading back to his car with an empty pot, which he then places into the boot.

The Stomper said he had made a police report on that day itself.

"It was my first time seeing this guy. He thought nobody saw but I got cameras everywhere," he said.

"It's already been a year and I still haven't gotten my pot back. The worst thing about this [situation] is the plant, it's dead already.

"He took the flower pot which cost about $100, and removed the plant which also cost about $100. He just threw the plant on the sidewalk.

"I didn't think to post this on Stomp then. But I'm sharing it now because I thought to warn those staying around Kovan, in the area of Flower Road and Richards Avenue, to be careful of their flower pots or other decorative items.

"I hope the guy gets penalised."

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirmed that a report was lodged.