Man takes $125 worth of items from Tampines e-scooter shop during 80-min visit

Submitted by Stomper Joseph

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A man visited Stomper Joseph's shop in Tampines to repair his electric scooter on Wednesday (April 11) and allegedly took $125 worth of items during his 80-minute visit.

Joseph owns cubeRpedia, which is located at Block 264 Tampines Street 21. The shop sells e-scooters, related accessories and electronic gadgets.

Recounting the incident, Joseph told Stomp: "The customer came to our shop and requested for us to take a look at his e-scooter's faulty rear light.

"During the repair, he was also looking around for items to buy.

"There was a moment when he squatted down and scrolled through our Carousell page. He seemed to be looking at what item to buy/take."

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Joseph believes that the man was using Carousell to check and compare the prices of the store's items.

A police report was lodged later that night.

According to the police report, which Stomp received a copy of, here are the items that Joseph discovered missing from his shop:

  • A green stem clamp worth $55

  • A silver stem clamp worth $55

  • Two rear lights worth $7.50 each

The Stomper added: "The customer entered and exited my shop multiple times during the repair, from 2.39pm to 4pm.

"His e-scooter is heavily spray-painted. The rear left wires had golden spray paint on it but the mudguard and side guard was sprayed black, while the deck was sprayed sparkling blue."

Joseph said while the man paid for some products, he also took the aforementioned items and placed them in his pocket, as seen in CCTV footage.

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Joseph also shared how another e-scooter shop located at Bedok North Street 3 had also posted about the same man on Facebook following an incident on March 9:

"I found out from another e-scooter shop, whose owner I'm acquainted with, that this man has also taken things from their store before," said Joseph.

Stomp has contacted the police for more info.