Biker suffers gruesome injuries after accident with another motorcyclist

A motorcyclist was left injured after being involved in an accident with another biker.

A friend of the victim, Sbrxna Znl, had posted a video of the incident on Facebook and said, "We hope to find this guy ASAP," though she did not elaborate why.

She also shared two photos showing the bloody wounds that her friend had sustained.

According to the video's time-stamp, the incident took place on May 29 at around 2.36pm, but it is unclear where exactly it occurred.

The video, filmed by the injured motorcyclist himself, shows the other biker knocking him off his vehicle and causing him to be left lying on the ground.

The other biker then moved his own motorcycle away, before approaching the injured man and saying something incomprehensible as the clip ends.

It is unknown what happened after that.

Many netizens assumed that the motorist responsible for the collision fled the scene, but some begged to differ as this was not shown in the video.

One user said, "Anyway, main thing is he never run, why u need to find him if he never run? Is it never call traffic police or never exchange particulars after accident?"

Another added, "The one [who] banged [into] him is the blue bike, if u watch till the end he stopped and handed out his hand to help him up... I dun see him running away."