Man stomps on woman in queue-cutting dispute with his wife at Seoul's Lotte store

Submitted by Stomper Tariq

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A fight broke out between two women after one of them allegedly cut the queue at a Lotte Duty-Free Store in Seoul’s Uljiro district.

The incident reportedly took place at the cosmetics section that was on the 12 storey of the building, although it is unclear when it occurred.

Stomper Tariq had alerted Stomp to a video of the incident that was uploaded on YouTube.

In the 10-second video, the two women, who are believed to be Chinese tourists, are seen tugging at each other's hair, accompanied by the voice of a person saying in Mandarin: "Oh my, they are fighting just like that."

The woman in black is then tackled to the ground before another man intervened, who is seen stomping on her head.

As onlookers held him back, he is heard saying: "She is bullying my wife!"

According to an online report, the confrontation lasted for about five minutes before security staff intervened.

The police were also alerted to the scene and took statements from those involved.