Man splashes 'foul-smelling liquid' and 'thick mucus' onto neighbour's parapet at Toa Payoh

Submitted by Stomper Karen

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A Toa Payoh resident is at her wits' end thanks to a neighbour who has repeatedly splashed 'foul-smelling liquid' and 'thick mucus' onto her parapet.

Stomper Karen, who lives at Block 168 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, told Stomp she believes the liquid is urine and that the smell is getting unbearable for her and her family.

"This was first brought to my attention by my mum, who is sleeping in our unit's master bedroom, in early March," she said.

"She started pouring essential oils onto the parapet to cover up the stench but I believe it is really getting unbearable."

She told Stomp this is still happening at least twice a day and she hears fluid splashing from a higher floor.

She also shared with Stomp a video showing a neighbour tossing liquid out of his window.

"At first, I thought the stench was due to debris that had collected on the parapet but to my surprise, I saw a big patch of slimy thick fluid along with some long cotton buds there," she said.

"It is really getting unbearable, the smell can even reach inside my bathroom with the louvres tightly closed. My mum doesn't even open her windows to air her room because of it."

Karen told Stomp she has repeatedly reported the matter to her town council and the National Environment Agency.

Stomp has reached out to the authorities for comment.

"We are really desperate and hope to seek closure to this matter and have no choice but to use this platform to share our story," she said.

"It is also to act as a reminder to the general public on such unacceptable behaviour and in hopes that the respective authorities will step up measures to expedite this unruly act."