Man spits on neighbour's door in alleged 15-year dispute at Choa Chu Kang

Submitted by Stomper Hana

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A man has been caught on camera spitting on the door of his neighbour's flat in Block 620 Choa Chu Kang Street 62 on several occasions.

Stomper Hana, the man's neighbour, sent Stomp a video and pictures of the incident.

Hana said: "I am in distress about this incident. This has actually been going on for 15 years and only now do I have the evidence to prove that he did it."

According to Hana, she had just gotten the money to install a CCTV camera near her home in July this year, even though the man had allegedly been harassing her since 2003.

She has lodged a police report, which the police confirm was made.

In the video captured on Oct 30 at 4.31pm, a man is clearly seen walking along the corridor and spitting on Hana's front door.

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Hana also said: "You can see the spit stains in the pictures that I have sent. Some relatives have even asked me what happened."

She said that after work, she would come home and try to wipe the stains off her door, but because they have been there for several hours, she could not have all of them removed.

Hana said that she has spoken to the man's wife before, but she allegedly said that she could not help with the situation.

"My family and I are traumatised by this incident. We feel so helpless," she added.

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