Man spikes masseuses' drinks with sexual enhancement drugs to knock them out, steals over S$11k

A 35-year-old Chinese national, Feng Qidong spiked multiple masseuses’ drinks with sexual enhancement drugs and stole over S$10,000 of cash and property from them, while they were unconscious.

Feng was sentenced to 34 months’ jail on Monday (July 10) after admitting to one count of causing hurt by means of poison and two charges of theft in dwelling, reports Shin Min Daily News via Lianhe Zaobao

The accused, who worked as a production operator, had on Dec 4, 2016, Dec 31, 2016 and Jan 3, 2017, drugged four masseuses based in Geylang, taking a total of S$11,270 from two of the victims, and another three phones. 

Court documents revealed that the accused had purchased ‘filled night’, a sexual enhancement drug from a roadside peddler in Geylang.

The vendor had reportedly told him that overdosing the drug would cause unconsciousness. 

On Dec 4, 2017, Feng had contacted the first victim, 35-year-old Li Xueying online and arranged for a massage session in a Geylang flat.

He brought with him a cup of soy milk and added about half a bottle of filled night into the cup which he intended to give to the victim.

Feng turned up for his appointment at around 11pm, and after the massage, the two had sex. 

He then gave Li the soy milk and stole S$4,500 hidden beneath her mattress, as well as two cellphones worth S$800.

Li called the police the next day after realising the loss.

On Dec 30, Feng struck once again.

The victim this time was 39-year-old Wang Yanmei.

Feng arranged for a massage session with Wang in her apartment at Lorong 39 Geylang.

He arrived at the apartment at 11pm, and brought with him a bottle of milk tea which he had spiked with filled night.

Wang drank the milk tea and fell asleep.

While she was asleep, Feng stole S$6,400 and a S$100 phone. 

Wang later woke up and asked a passer-by for help.

She also alleged that Feng had beaten her, and a police report was lodged.

On Jan 2, 2017, Feng contacted 30-year-old Zhou Mingcui and 37-year-old Zhu Shirong for massage services.

Feng then gave them each a cup of soy milk laced with filled night.

Zhu drank hers, became giddy, and went over to a separate room to sleep.

However, Zhou, suspicious after Feng repeatedly insisted that she drank hers as well, took a photograph of Feng and shared it with another 26-year-old Chinese national, who recognised him as a previous customer.

She recalled that she had felt dizzy and groggy after drinking soy milk that Feng had given her. 

Zhou quickly called the police and Feng was subsequently arrested.

Zhu’s blood test later revealed that her blood contained Clonazepam, a drug which side effects include drowsiness, dizziness unsteadiness, difficulty thinking and remembering, as well as blurred vision.