Man smashes windscreen with wooden plank until it shatters -- with driver still in car

Submitted by Stomper Isabelle

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Police are investigating a case of rash act in Hougang where a man was seen hitting a car windscreen until it shattered.

Stomper Isabelle shared videos of the incident that she witnessed at Block 415 Hougang Ave 10 on Wednesday night (Apr 20), at around 8.57pm.

In one video, a man can be seen using a wooden plank to smash the windscreen of a red car and shattering the glass.

He then punches the driver's window before hitting the windscreen with the plank again.

Isabelle, a resident in the vicinity, recounted: "I heard multiple loud bashing sounds that sounded unnatural and at weird intervals in a usually quiet neighbourhood.

"As I was near the window, I looked out and saw a man using a piece of discarded wood to bash the back window of a car.

"He proceeded to hit the left passenger door before I took my phone out to record him bashing the front windshield. He also bashed the driver's window to intimidate him.

"After successfully breaking the windscreen, the driver drove towards the inner part of the carpark and the man followed suit."

In response to a Stomp query, the police said they were alerted to a case of rash act at around 9.38pm.

No injuries were reported and police investigations are ongoing.