Man slips woman's purse into his bag -- while watching her search for it at Jurong Point

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Mar 14, 2023

A woman who misplaced her purse at a food court found out who the culprit was after reviewing the CCTV footage there.

According to the woman, Ms Sun, who shared about the incident in a Facebook post, she lost her purse on Thursday (March 9) while buying food at the Malaysia Boleh! outlet in Jurong Point.

She returned to the food court five minutes later but could not find her wallet.


本人于09/03/2023的11.20am在Jurongwest central文礼商场丢失了一个钱包被这个安哥捡走了,过五分钟我回来找钱包,他看到我在旁边着急的找我的钱包,他马上放在他自己的包里边装住,然后马上离开了现场。请大家帮忙转发这种没有道德的人。

Posted by 孙晓云 on Thursday, 9 March 2023


A video she shared in her post, though, shows a man in a white shirt placing a green wallet into his sling bag, before walking away with his plate of unfinished food.

Ms Sun alleges that the green wallet seen in the video belongs to her.

At the time of the incident, she claimed to be at the food court searching for her purse.

In the video, a staff member, who was helping Ms Sun record the CCTV footage, is heard saying: “He is not going to eat anymore! We have to film this.”

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