Man sleeps at Rivervale Crescent void deck after dead ex-wife's sibling terminates tenancy of flat

Submitted by Stomper Siva

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A man was found sleeping on the ground at the void deck of Block 182 Rivervale Crescent on Dec 19, after his dead ex-wife's sibling terminated tenancy of the flat he was living in.

Stomper Siva was on his way to his mother's flat to stay the night when he saw the man on the ground at about 10pm.

He took a video of the man before waking him up.

The video shows the sleeping man sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard.

Siva told Stomp: "When I woke him up, I asked for his name and asked why he was sleeping there.

"He said he could not go home as he had been evicted from the flat.

"He told me his ex-wife had passed away a month before this and he had no one to live with."

The Stomper added that the man said he had been evicted in the morning and had stayed at the void deck since.

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) investigated the matter after a Stomp query was sent to it on Dec 20.

In response to the query sent, it said on Jan 2: "The man is the ex-husband of a rental flat tenant at Block 182 Rivervale Cresent.

"The rental tenant passed away in Nov 2018. The flat was allocated to the deceased after their divorce, and throughout the tenancy, only the deceased’s mother was listed as a permitted occupier of the flat.

"The deceased’s mother has been living in a nursing home since 2015.

"Following the tenant’s demise, the deceased’s next-of-kin notified HDB to terminate the tenancy of the flat. As the man is not an authorised occupier of the flat, we are unable to allow him to remain in the flat."

In light of this, the HDB said that both it and the Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centre (AMK FSC) have reached out to the man on several occasions to discuss his housing options, but he had refused help.

"Should he be willing to come forward for discussions, we are prepared to assist him. In the meantime, we have granted him an extension of time till Jan 4, 2019, to remove his personal belongings from the deceased’s rental flat," HDB added.

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