Man slaps and hits himself with chair during dispute at Soon Lee Street

Submitted by Stomper Tee

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Police were called into a dispute that broke out at a coffee shop at Soon Lee Street on Wednesday (June 22).

Stomper Tee shared circulated videos of the altercation involving a man in a black shirt and several others.

In one video, the man in black is heard saying, "People from China bullying people from China."

Someone, presumably the one taking the video, can be heard calling the man an "idiot".

The man in black responds, "What did you scold me? Did you scold me? Are you an idiot too?" and hurls Hokkien swear words.

A second video shows another guy shoving the same man in black in the chest. The guy then slaps himself before picking up a chair and using it to his own head.

Laughing can be heard in the background, but this triggers the man in black, who starts going on a tirade about "Singapore PRs".

Stomper Tee also shared a photo showing police officers at the scene.

Tee said: "I overheard that the man in the black shirt was drunk and went around finding trouble with everyone at the coffee shop."

In response to a Stomp query, the police said they received a call for assistance at Block 7 Soon Lee Street at around 8.15pm.

The parties involved were advised accordingly. No injuries were reported and no further police assistance was required.