Man sits on PMD in train at Kallang MRT Station

Submitted by Stomper Jacky

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A man was spotted sitting on his personal mobility device (PMD) inside a train on the East West Line on Sunday afternoon (Dec 8).

Stomper Jacky was about to board the train at Kallang MRT Station towards Tuas at 4.30pm when he saw the rider.

"It was a Sunday and the train as already crowded," he said.

"He was moving back and forth which is why people were avoiding him and trying to keep a distance from him."

Jacky said he decided not to board that train and waited for the next one.

"The potential for numerous injuries to many people is blatantly disregarded by that person," he said.

"I reported the matter to Kallang MRT Station's control station staff."

According to the Land Transport Authority (LTA), commuters are allowed to bring their PMDs on public transport but they must keep their devices folded up at all times.

Commuters are advised to hold their device and not block doors and pathways.

They are also not allowed to ride their device in train stations or bus interchanges.

Those who do not comply with the rules can face enforcement action and be fined up to $500.

This is not the first time, Stomp has been alerted to PMD users riding their devices in trains.

In September, another rider was seen "hogging up" space on a train on the East West Line.

Another rider was criticised in May for using his device on the North South Line.