Man shows vomit to Encik Tan outlet manager, claims he got ill from its food which company refutes

He had proof, he thought.

A man bought two chicken cutlet sets from the Encik Tan outlet in Yew Tee Point at 2pm on Nov 12 and after eating the food at home at 2.30pm, he started having diarrhea and vomited in the evening.

He returned to the outlet to show the manager photos of his vomit as proof, but the manager did not react the way he expected.

Facebook user Ng Jie Kang posted in the Friends of Yew Tee group about his experience.

He wrote that after eating the food, he woke up with diarrhea but went to work anyway.

The GrabFood rider said that he felt unwell and vomited twice at the Lot One Shopping Mall in Choa Chu Kang.

He recounted: "I went back to the Encik Tan outlet when I felt a bit better and confronted the manager, who just said, ‘Oh, I will take note.’ Not a single sorry or anything.

"Despite me showing her my vomit full of curry and vegetables, she pushed the blame to me, asking ‘Is it you consume other food?’ "

Sharing the photos of his vomit with Stomp, Jie Kang asked rhetorically: "Isn’t it obvious it's the chicken cutlet's fault?"

He went to see a doctor and was given medication for diarrhea and digestive disorder.

Jie Kang also e-mailed Fei Siong Group, which owns Encik Tan, and shared the company's reply in his Facebook post.

Fei Siong said that they had conducted an internal investigation and found no lapses in the preparation process and quality of the food he bought.

The company added: "We also did not receive any similar complaints from Encik Tan Yew Tee Point outlet since Nov 12 as food poisoning cases are unlikely to be isolated cases."

Jie Kang said: "Not a single compensation or refund was given to me."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for Encik Tan said: "Pertaining to the case of the Encik Tan customer who claims he vomited after eating the chicken cutlet rice from Yew Tee Point, we did a thorough internal investigation upon receiving this complaint and did not realise any lapses in food preparation and quality of food products...

"We stand by our initial response to the customer that was also being shared publicly."