Man shocked to see car overturn in front of him for the first time at Mandai Road

Submitted by Stomper Poh

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A car overturned right in front of Stomper Poh's eyes during an accident at the junction of Mandai Road and Sembawang Road on Monday afternoon (Oct 22).

Poh had been a passenger in his friend's car, which was travelling along Sembawang Road towards Chong Pang, when the incident occurred at around 2.44pm.

He said the car had been turning out from Mandai Road to Sembawang Road.

The Stomper shared video footage from his friend's dashboard camera, showing the blue car flipped on its side before sliding some distance.

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Stomp understands that no injuries were reported.

Poh told Stomp: "It's my first time seeing a car overturn in front of me. I felt immediate shock and could not think of what to do except to continue with what we were doing.

"After we had a chance to look at the video, it further enhanced the importance of slowing down when turning, especially now that the train derail incident in Taiwan just happened."

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