Man shocked that adult toys appear when 7-year-old son searches for gun toy on Lazada

Submitted by Stomper David

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When Stomper David let his 7-year-old son use his computer to search for a gun toy on Lazada, he was horrified to see adult toys pop up on the screen instead.

David told Stomp that the incident happened on Dec 17, and that his son typed in "X-shot' in the search bar in hopes to get a new toy for Christmas.

X-shot is a type of dart blaster gun made for children by toy company ZURU. It is similar to the popular Nerf gun.

However, according to the screenshot David sent, the Lazada search engine seemed to have mistaken X-shot for "g-spot".

"I am shocked by this. I hope this problem can be fixed so that other children will not encounter this problem when they search for this gun online," David said.

"My son is only 7-years-old, and they showed him these kinds of things."

David added that he searched "X-shot" on Shopee too, but did not see any adult toys in the results.

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for Lazada said: "Lazada thanks the reader for bringing this incident to our attention. We have guidelines in place to ensure a safe online shopping experience for our consumers.

"Based on a user's first authentication of a Lazada account, consumers would have verified their age either by entering their birth date, or by acknowledging an above 18 years of age prompt."

The spokesman added that as an added precautionary measure, Lazada also encourages parents to supervise and guide their children’s usage of the app.

"Together, as a vigilant community, we can help maintain a safe and secure online shopping experience for all," said the spokesman.