Man shares video showing 'painful' removal of tattoos to discourage youngsters from getting them

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He does not want young people to repeat the same mistakes that he made.

That was why a Stomper shared a video showing the process of getting his tattoos lasered off his face recently.

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"The laser shop is InkOut located at Boon Lay Shopping Centre," said the Stomper.

"The process of lasering is painful, especially at the eyelid. But for the sake of becoming a better person to society, I just endured the pain. I still need a few more sessions to totally remove the whole face tattoo.

"Hopefully, when youngsters see this video, they will have second thoughts about getting a tattoo and treat this video as a demonstration of why they shouldn't."

He previously told Stomp that he was "paranoid" that his tattoos would leave a bad impression on others, especially during job interviews.

"I wanted to remove them long ago to look pleasant to everyone and gain confidence," said the Stomper.

"It's painful but when I think of the outcome, I managed to overcome the painful feeling of lasering off the tattoos on my face.

"I took this step to also be a better role model to the younger generation.

"Changes can be done, don't repeat the same mistakes I did."

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