Man shares open letter to Jade Seah and how he deals with 'illegal parking': By reporting offenders

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When local host Jade Seah called out 'self-entitled' landed home owners after receiving a note for parking in a private estate, her Instagram Stories went viral.

The topic sparked a discussion on whether home owners have the right to 'bully' others into not parking in such areas.

Her posts compelled a Stomper to come forward and share their own personal experience of parking at Meragi Close in Simei and receiving notes from residents there telling them to 'park at your HDB carpark'.

Another reader reached out to Stomp to share an open letter addressed to Seah regarding his own strong opinions about parking at private estates.

However, he stated his stance is the opposite of hers.

He wrote: "The fact that you appeared ignorant of the inconvenience that you cause, made me suspect that you don't live in a landed home so I Googled - true enough it says that you live in a shophouse.

"As I'm not sure how different that is from an HDB flat, I kindly ask that you think back to a time when you used to live in one...

"First, you do not own the corridor outside your flat - that is public property too which strangers are also "at liberty to" hang around in front of your door, place their own shoe-racks (instead of yours) beside it, or park their bicycles against the wall facing it.

"Like you asserted, they can also insist that they're (technically) 'not obstructing' your door.

"Do you have 'priority or rights to the space in front of your' flat to request them not to do any of these?

"But the real question is: Should you even have to make this request?

"Second, you might be unaware (especially if this doesn't apply to where you parked) but for your information, the roads in some estates are no-through service lanes.

"In other words, these are cul-de-sacs meant specifically for residents to access their homes.

"Unless they are visitors/guests, why would strangers have any good reason to even be driving into such dead-ends and causing nuisance?

"Well anyway, fortunately, my estate has double yellow lines so I don't have to place any notes (polite or otherwise).

"Rather, I just report illegal parking by submitting photos to the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and watch as pesky parkers get fined $70 and help URA earn revenue.

"Please enjoy these pictures as thanks for the opportunity to share my solution (where applicable) with everyone!

"Yours sincerely, Terence Lim (not your husband obviously haha)"

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