Man shakes car while pumping petrol in Bukit Timah -- but he might have good reason for it

Submitted by Stomper Mike

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It's common to see Singaporeans shaking their car while pumping petrol in Malaysia, such that it has become sort of a running joke by now.

This is even though the practice of rocking your car back and forth to take in more fuel has been debunked by mechanics. In fact, you run the risk of petrol overflowing if the car is filled to the brim.

Turns out it might not be entirely unusual to see this in Singapore too.

Stomper Mike shared a circulated video showing a man shaking his Toyota vehicle while pumping petrol at a Sinopec kiosk at 623A Bukit Timah Road.

Mike said: "This video was reposted in my group chat. I stay nearby and sometimes I pump petrol at this kiosk too.

"However, I don't know the reason why he is shaking his car. Is he trying to put in more petrol?"

In response, a netizen speculated: "The guy is shaking his car because he put an additive into the petrol tank of his vehicle, supposedly for better fuel performance. He is trying to mix the additive with the petrol he pumped in. Nothing exciting."

Fuel additives are said to improve vehicle performance and help maintain systems. However, there has been debate over their efficacy.

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