Man scolds and hurls vulgarities at bus driver after traffic comes to standstill due to accident

Submitted by Stomper Paddy

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A passenger hurled vulgarities at a bus captain after the bus was stuck in a congestion due to an accident ahead.

Stomper Paddy was travelling along Jurong East Street 31 on SMRT bus service 187 at about 11.05pm on Wednesday (June 20) when the bus suddenly stopped. 

Paddy told Stomp that there was no information relayed, leaving many passengers confused. 

According to Paddy, cars were not affected as drivers were able to make a turn near a shelter in front but unfortunately for them, double-decker buses did not clear the height limit. 

A rowdy passenger seated in front of Paddy started shouting vulgarities at the bus driver.

He demanded that the captain overtake the other buses in front,  as he asked the other passengers what was happening. 

The bus captain explained to him in Mandarin that there was a traffic bottleneck and there was no way for the bus to move forward. 

Paddy added:

“The bus captain was frantically trying to get instructions via the intercom.”

At the advice from another passenger, the bus captain then opened the doors to let the passengers alight. 

As the passengers lined up to alight the bus, a female passenger approached the man to explain that the bus could not move due to an obstruction ahead. 

However, that did not quell his anger, as he continued lashing out at the driver. 

Said Paddy:

“There were buses stuck along the road for three bus stops.

“We alighted and walked. The man also alighted and walked with us.

“He kept asking us what was happening.”

Paddy said that the passengers from bus 187 joined other passengers from buses ahead, walked for about 15 minutes before the obstruction was cleared at about 11.20pm. 

He later reached the site of the accident and realised that a black car had been involved.

Paddy took a photo which he sent to Stomp as well.

Stomp has contacted the authorities for more information on the accident. 

Asked how he felt about the incident, Paddy said:

“I think the uncle on the bus must have had a very tiring day.

“That could be why he was so angry.”