Man rushes to chope parking lot at SUTD carpark -- using himself

Submitted by Stomper M

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Stomper M spent five minutes going around a carpark at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) before she finally saw an empty parking lot -- only for it to become 'occupied' by a man.

The man had also spotted the same lot and ran towards it, then stood there and used himself to 'chope' the space.

The incident, which M said occurred around two weeks ago when she was with a friend, was captured on her dashboard camera.

M told Stomp: "When I said I was parking, he said he needed to park as well.

"I asked what he meant because I didn't see his car. He said he was also looking for a lot and that his car was on the way.

"He then went on to ignore me by using his phone.

"I was with a friend and we decided not to do anything as we were both women."

M said she ended up parking at a carpark that was much more inconvenient for her and further away, as it was not opposite the Expo like this one.

She added: "I returned to this carpark afterwards and saw his car parked at the spot.

"Can we chope parking lots like him??? It's so cheapstake, paiseh and laokui leh."