Man rips stolen female underwear to shreds and dumps them at Serangoon homeowners' doorstep

A man repeatedly took underwear from a Serangoon household, only to rip them to shreds and scatter them at the door.

Unable to put up with it any longer, the occupants installed a closed-circuit television (CCTV) which finally caught the man’s bizarre antics on video.

A reader alerted Lianhe Wanbao on Tuesday (March 13) to a spate of underwear thefts that has had been happening to a household in Serangoon Avenue 4. 

One of the occupants, a National University of Singapore (NUS) student who declined to be named, told reporters that since last year, her underwear would occasionally get stolen.

The perpetrator became emboldened after his first few attempts, and soon, the frequency of theft increased.

This prompted the family installed a CCTV outside their flat. 

Not long after, they captured an elderly man taking underwear from the rack. 

The man looked to be in his 60s and according to the student, had once tailed both her and her mother back to their flat. 

After that incident, he started taking their underwear. 

The student said they did not lodge a police report in the beginning as the frequency of thefts was sparse. 

She said:

“One day, we suddenly discovered that someone had ripped my underwear to shreds and dumped it at our door.

“At this point, I decided that I had enough and called the police.”

The police established the identity of the perpetrator after combing through CCTV footage and issued him a stern warning. 

The old man hasn’t been seen at the flat since then, and the family enjoyed a few months of peace.

However, beginning from this year, the student realised that three of her shorts went missing consecutively. 

Feeling that something was amiss, she checked the CCTV.

A man was caught on video taking a pair of her shorts on the morning of March 8, at around 8.30am.

According to the footage provided by the student, the suspect kept stealing glances to see if there was anyone around.

Assured that he was alone, he then took a pair of shorts and started sniffing it.

He subsequently took the shorts and left.

The student added that she has already called the police.

Said the enraged woman:

“This kind of behaviour is just unacceptable, we cannot let this sort of people run loose.”