Man reunites with long-lost foster sister stricken with cancer -- then finds out he's her son

A man visited his foster sister whom he had lost touch with for 10 years after finding out that she was stricken with terminal colorectal cancer, only to find out that she was his biological mother. 

It turns out that many years back, the patient, Ms Wang had decided to give her son to her foster mother, to thank her for bringing her up.

She never once revealed her real identity to her son, Mr Wang.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, Ms Wang, 77, was separated from her family during World War II but was saved after her foster mother adopted her. 

Throughout the years, she could not forget her kindness and treated her ‘brother’ with love, despite the two having more than 30 years in age gap.

After finding out that she did not have long to live, she decided to seek out her ‘brother’ to tell him the truth. 

The two were finally reunited last Sunday  (Oct 22), after Mr Wang heard that his ‘sister’ had terminal colorectal cancer and visited her in the hospital, along with Ms Wang’s three other children.

Mr Wang told reporters that he was shocked at the revelation when Ms Wang's second son told him that they were brothers. 

Ms Wang’s second son said that after his mother had given birth to his brother, her foster mother asked her to give him up to her as she did not have a son.

To thank her for her years of care, Ms Wang decided to give his son away, becoming her son’s ‘sister’ instead.

He added:

“After my brother heard what I had to say, he could not accept it.

“He asked me if it was real, and I told him that if it wasn’t, why would we go through the hassle of locating him?”

Mr Wang, on his accord, said that he harboured suspicions over the years, as only his mother’s name was recorded on his birth certificate, while there was no mention of his biological father. 

However, he never sought the truth as he was afraid of breaking his parents’ hearts.