Man removes trapped crows with net and stuffs them in small cage

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June 8, 2022

A video of a man trapping crows has sparked a lively discussion in Singapore.

The video, showing a trap made of netting on what looks like a metal frame, was uploaded on Reddit recently.

It is set up on a grass patch and there is a guy methodically removing the trapped birds. It was not clear who was doing this or what would happen to the birds. There are a couple of signs on the trap but it was not clear in the video what they said.

The operation was new to some of those commenting but others said they had seen something similar in the past and at other locations.

Some felt it was better than resorting to shotguns, which Singapore has used in the past to control the crow population, or poisoning the birds.

Interestingly, one person noticed that there seemed to be more crows trapped on the second day of the operation than on the first. One theory was that the traps work well because crows are social creatures which rush to help their fellows in distress and then get trapped themselves.

Inevitably, there were jokes linking the operation to the chicken shortage.

Well, we really don’t know if it’s all something to crow about or if someone is going to eat crow.

Watch the video here:

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