Man reminded of grandma after warm encounter with elderly woman at SGH

Submitted by Stomper S

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A random encounter with a complete stranger made a young man's day.

In turn, he touched the hearts of netizens by sharing what happened on his TikTok account.

Stomper S alerted Stomp to a video posted by TikTok user Andrew (chewy.whyy) on Tuesday (Apr 11) captioned: "My inner grandson was so happy, I miss my popo (grandmother) sm (so much)."

In it, he shared how he met an elderly lady while waiting to see a doctor at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH).


my inner grandson was so happy i miss my popo sm

♬ original sound - r & m <33

The woman, who was using an umbrella as a walking stick, came up to Andrew to ask to borrow his phone to tell her family that she would be warded.

He happily obliged.

The woman then shared with him her medical background and family situation.

Andrew said he tried his best to converse with her with his 'broken Cantonese'.

"I made out what she was trying to say and we talked for a while, me conversing in Chinese while she spoke mostly Cantonese and some Chinese," he said.

She mentioned she was hungry and left just before Andrew's number got called.

However, he coincidentally bumped into the woman again after he was done.

He asked her if she had managed to get something to eat and she muttered that she wanted 'min' (noodles) but the food at SGH was too expensive.

Andrew kindly decided to buy the woman a meal and said she was 'so happy'.

While queueing to order, he noticed her hobbling from table to table and later learned that she was trying to find a warmer seat because the aircon was too cold for her.

Thinking of her eating alone, Andrew decided to buy a meal for himself to keep her company.

However, the woman found another elderly woman to eat with and he decided that he would pack his meal to go so as not to disturb them.

When he gave her the food, she thanked him and said in Chinese that she would never forget him.

Andrew won the hearts of netizens by saying that he was thankful for the encounter: "All this because I came late for my appointment. Sometimes blessings really different forms (sic) and I'm so grateful to have met her."