Man refuses to cancel trip after allegedly waiting 20 min for driver dropping off passenger

A Facebook user, Muhd Khalis Rifhan, recently posted on his page how he had cancelled a Grab ride booking, and refused to cancel the ride on his end to avoid paying a penalty fee. 

In the posting uploaded on Saturday (Dec 17), Rifhan said that he had waited for 20 minutes although he was told that it would only take five minutes for the driver to arrive. 

A series of messages were exchanged between the driver and Rifhan himself, in which the driver told him that he would be arriving in two minutes.

Rifhan replied that he had gone off already, as it was ‘too long’.

The driver emphasised that he had only taken five minutes to reach Rifhan, to which the latter replied:


The driver then told Rifhan not to blame him and waste his ‘fu**ing time please’. 

Rifhan reiterated in his post that he had specifically said that he would cancel all bookings that are dropping off a passenger before they pick him up. 

The posting prompted many netizens to comment on the situation. 

One netizen pointed out that the app underestimates the time needed for the driver to arrive when they are dropping off passengers. 

Rifhan himself replied to another comment, saying that it was frustrating as the app booking showed five minutes but it was dragged for over 15 minutes. 

A netizen advised Rifhan to send a screenshot of their exchange to Grab’s customer service. 

However, some disagreed with Rifhan’s approach.

One netizen suggested for Rifhan to take a taxi instead, adding:

“Take a taxi.

“People are making a living and still want to make life difficult for them.”

One netizen also told Rifhan that he should have cancelled the booking if it’s too long, but Rifhan replied that he would have to pay $5 for the cancellation.

The netizen continued, saying that he would not have to pay if he cancelled early or the driver took longer than a specific amount of time.

He further slammed Rifhan for making the driver come all the way just to find out that he had already gone off.