Man gets cardboard instead of automated laundry rack, seller then sends him hangers after a month

Submitted by Stomper Jimmy

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A customer was left frustrated after liaising with a seller who sent him a piece of cardboard instead of the $559 automated laundry rack he had ordered on Shopee.

Stomper Jimmy told Stomp he had placed an order for the laundry rack on Oct 17.

Despite the listing stating that there were ready stocks available in Singapore, he was told the seller had run out of stock after placing his order.

"I was first promised that the stock would arrive on Nov 1," he said.

"But I received a piece of cardboard on Oct 19 and when I confronted the seller, they said it was because Shopee requires them to provide tracking information within two days so they randomly sent something first.

"On Nov 1, I had to contact the seller multiple times before they would even reply only to tell me that their stock had yet to be replenished and would only arrive on Nov 7."

On Nov 7, the customer experienced further delays.

"They mentioned that the stock was clearing customs and delivery would start from Nov 9 and include an installation that would be completed by the weekend," he said.

"As usual like always, no one contacted me for any updates and on Nov 11, after reaching out to them, they mentioned that it would be delivered on Nov 11."

By this time, the Stomper had had enough and contacted Shopee to ask for a refund but said his request was rejected.

"The seller said they had arranged for Ninja Van to deliver the item and that it would be delivered on Saturday (Nov 12) and installed on Sunday (Nov 13)," said Jimmy.

"I called Shopee again and was told that the refund request had been submitted and I would get an answer in three working days."

On Monday (Nov 14), Jimmy was notified that Ninja Van was going to deliver an item to him.

"I checked with Ninja Van  with regards to the delivery item and the seller and they confirmed it was the right seller but that they were sending me 60 pieces of anti-slip hangers that weighed 0.6kg," said the Stomper.

"I told them to cancel the delivery as it was not what I had ordered.

"I then called Shopee again for an update and they said the request was still pending with the refund team and they would get back to me by the end of that day.

"I called them again on Tuesday (Nov 15) after not receiving any updates and was told that their colleague needed another three working days from Monday and would update me by the end of the day or latest, by Wednesday (Nov 16).

"Once again, I did not receive any updates from Shopee and called in again but to my dismay, the customer service told me there was not update and they can only revert to me as soon as possible."

Jimmy was left feeling extremely frustrated by the whole situation.

He slammed the seller for giving "multiple empty promises" and for stating they had ready stocks when they did not.

He was also disappointed that Shopee has not been able to help him with the matter.

He warned other shoppers to be aware of buying from such sellers on Shopee.

"I'm very disappointed with this shopping experience and till date, no update," he said.

"I totally felt cheated to have purchased a piece of cardboard for over $500 which I have thrown away."