Man points middle finger, blows cigarette smoke at Jalan Kukoh resident's CCTV camera

Submitted by Stomper Andy

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A man not only smoked in a prohibited area of an HDB block, but also showed how unrepentant he was of his actions through the display of various antics.

Stomper Andy shared a video of the incident, which his CCTV camera captured.

According to Andy, the man was caught on camera smoking "at about 8.39pm to 8.41pm" on March 26, outside his home on the third floor of Block 2, Jalan Kukoh in Bukit Merah.

Said the Stomper: "An irresponsible smoker was caught smoking at the HDB common corridor, adjacent to a lift lobby.

"Not only that, this guy still had the guts to act like a hooligan and showed his middle finger right in front of my CCTV camera.

"He also gave 'there is nothing you can do' gestures, which can be seen clearly in the video."

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"For this matter, I am reporting the incident to the National Environment Agency (NEA) and the police for immediate action to be taken against such intolerable attitude.

"I hope that posting the CCTV footage on Stomp will let the person who committed this act realise that what he did was wrong," added Andy.

Under the Smoking (Prohibition in Certain Places) Act, lift lobbies, common corridors, stairwells and staircase landings are all non-smoking areas.

The full list of places where smoking is prohibited can be found on NEA's website here.