Man places hand against woman's backside even as she tries to move away on MRT

Submitted by Stomper Frank

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Original article:

Police investigating case of man touching woman's backside on MRT train after Stomp report

Update on July 5:

A man was caught on camera placing his hand against a woman's backside even as she tried to move away on a train.

Stomper Frank witnessed the incident that occurred between Bedok Reservoir MRT station and MacPherson MRT station on the Downtown Line on Tuesday (Mar 14), at 8.24am.

A nine-second video that Frank shared shows the man touching the woman's backside with the back of his hand. He continued to do so even when she tried to move away by taking a step forward.

Frank recounted: "The man was very careful and I did not notice what he was doing at first.

"After I saw him, he kept doing it for about another one minute. I was trying to take some photos as evidence but after I did so, the woman noticed what was happening.

"The man did not proceed further. I was about to react if he did more, but the girl seemed to be aware of it already and the man quickly got off at MacPherson.

"I also got off the train at MacPherson MRT station, so I saw his face. The man looked to be around 30 years old and was dressed well. He went to the Circle Line towards the direction of Marina Bay direction, opposite me."

The Stomper said he did not report this to train staff or the authorities, but added: "I hope the woman will do something and I will help her.

"The incident left me feeling angry."

The police have advised members of the public to adopt the following crime prevention measures when taking public transport:

  • Be alert and attentive to your surroundings. Where possible, move away if someone stands or sits exceptionally close to you; and

  • If you are molested, seek help immediately from those around you. Take note of the prominent features and attire of the suspect as well as the direction in which he or she went. Call ‘999’ as soon as possible to increase the chances of apprehending the suspect early. If it is safe to do so, the victim or other witnesses of the crime may assist to detain the suspect while waiting for the police to arrive.

Those who witness an incident of outrage of modesty or are aware of someone being a victim of outrage of modesty should report the matter to the police immediately.

However, it should be noted that the 'freeze response' is a common reaction from victims of sexual harassment and assault. Such crimes also often go unreported due to feelings of fear, guilt, confusion or shame amongst other reasons.