Man pees by roadside at Punggol Way when toilet is just around the corner

Submitted by Stomper Pete

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Stomper Pete was disgusted to see a man peeing by the roadside near Block 260C Punggol Way in the wee hours of Saturday morning (Nov 16).

The man's act was especially dumbfounding to the Stomper as a public toilet is situated just around the corner.

He shared with Stomp a video of the incident taken at about 3.45am.

"The coffee shop toilet is just 20 seconds away," he said, adding that the man's behaviour was "absurd" and "plain stupid".

"We believe our sentiments are echoed by most and how they feel, seeing someone relieve himself so blatantly and openly, right under the possible eyes of residents looking out of their windows and down at him, despite the hour."