Man pays $15 for roasted quarter chicken, ends up with drumstick and $2.50 voucher

Submitted by Stomper Shai

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A customer ordered a roasted quarter chicken and was surprised when he ended up with just a drumstick.

Stomper Shai told Stomp that he paid $15 for a quarter chicken from Nenek Recipe via Foodpanda on Friday (May 19).

"When received, it came up to a wrong order of chicken rice with drumstick," he said.

When he brought up the issue to a Foodpanda agent, he was only offered a $2.50 voucher.

"When questioned, the agent mentioned it was system generated and will raise the matter," he said.

"I think I was unfairly compensated and even mentioned that a normal packet from the same restaurant costs only $7.20.

"I then mentioned I was refunded in full for wrong orders before.

"However, an agent kept saying it was system generated and could not change it and just ended the chat abruptly.

"I just think they are being unprofessional and seemed to want to resolve the issue as quickly as possible with the $2.50 voucher.

"I simply cannot brain how a packet of chicken rice can cost $15 and that I was offered a $2.50 voucher when it was clearly not my fault."