Man outraged by $0.50 charge for Styrofoam box at Ang Mo Kio stall: 'It should be free'

Submitted by Stomper Bai

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A customer was shocked when he was charged an extra $0.50 after he requested his food to be taken away in a Styrofoam box.

The Stomper, who wanted to be known only as Mr Bai, said he visited Ang Mo Kio 628 Market & Food Centre last Tuesday (Dec 1), at around 7.45am.

He made a takeaway order of bee hoon from a vegetarian food stall.

Mr Bai, who messaged Stomp four times from Dec 1 to Dec 6 to express his outrage, said: "Usually, a packet of vegetarian bee hoon using the normal food wrap is only $3.

"However, I requested a Styrofoam box and they actually charged me $0.50 cents for it. "

(Photo from the Stomper)

Asked if he had clarified the price before making payment, Mr Bai said: "They had already charged me and I asked them why it was so expensive to pack the bee hoon in the box.

"They said that the box costs $0.50 but did not tell me beforehand.

"I had no choice as the food was already packed. I had to just pay and go.

"This is ridiculous and daylight robbery. It is very unfair to consumers. I find it unreasonable to pay 50 cents for a foam box."

When asked how much he thinks the Styrofoam box should cost instead, Mr Bai said: "It should be free of charge or at most 20 cents."

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