Man on electric wheelchair spits "about 5 times" on train from Bugis to Paya Lebar

Submitted by Stomper Kay Poh

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Stomper Kay Poh was disgusted when she saw a male commuter spitting 'about five times' while on board a train on the East West Line at around 11.55am on Monday (July 2).

She told Stomp that the man, who was on an electric wheelchair, did this from when the train was at Bugis MRT Station, until he got off at Paya Lebar MRT Station.

Kay Poh said: "A woman nearby also saw what he did and showed her disgusted face. Other commuters just ignored him.

"I feel that we need to educate this man and let him know that this isn't his grandfather's train. The authorities need to tell him that this is not allowed and fine him."

Watch a video filmed by the Stomper below.