Man offering $1,000 reward for guitar that fell out of moving lorry: 'I just want my baby back'

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Stomper Melvin is looking for his precious guitar, which fell out of a moving lorry whose door had not been closed properly last Wednesday night (Sep 11).

Melvin told Stomp that he is offering a cash reward of "at least $1,000" to anyone who finds and returns the guitar, "no questions asked".

He said: "Help! My precious bass fell out from a moving Nissan lorry's side door that wasn't closed properly. It's my dumbest mistake to date.

"I lost it at around 10.30pm to 11.30pm.

"The location is somewhere along this route: Raffles Hotel (Seah Street), turn left, down Victoria Street, past CHIJMES - Capitol Theatre through Fort Canning Tunnel - Park Mall, right turn to Buyong Road (towards CTE/Istana) - Cavanagh Road, left turn to Bukit Timah Road over Newton flyover - Bukit Timah Road past Balmoral/ACS till Stevens Road exit, turn right to PIE (Jurong) - then BKE all the way to Admiralty MRT station.

"The guitar is a Fodera Emperor 5-String bass with a 36" (91cm) scale length (only one in Singapore).

"It's in a Mono Vertico bass gigbag, which contains a red leather strap and a long canare 1/4 cable.

"The guitar is a very sentimental and personal instrument. I've had it for 15 years and went though a lot with it. It's an irreplaceable Mojo.

"It's not considered very desirable in the used market due to the scale length and plain Jane wood/specs. So it's probably worth more to me than in the used market.

"I'm offering a cash reward to anyone who finds and returns the guitar to me, no questions asked. If you find it, you deserve something for your luck.

"I just want my baby back."

If you find Melvin's guitar, kindly contact Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.

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