Man nearly had a bad day -- if not for 2 security guards and a cabby

Submitted by Stomper Tan

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It is a busy Thursday morning and you are getting ready for your interview at 11am. You take a cab to the location (Firmenich Asia Pte Ltd at Tuas Road), and arrive at around 10.50am. 

You walk up to the guardhouse to exchange for a visitor pass when you realise your hand-phone is not anywhere to be found.

You start to look around for it frantically and finally come to the realisation that it was left in the cab. 

10 more minutes to the interview... what are you going to do!?

Stomper Tan was extremely worried and flustered when this happened yesterday (Jan 19) -- especially since he only had 10 minutes left till the interview began. He then decided to consult the security guards on duty for help.

Recalled Tan:

"They graciously lent me their mobiles and we sought to contact the cab driver. 

"There was not sign of impatience from them, and were extremely empathetic of the situation.

"We finally managed to get a hold of the cab driver at around 11.15 am, and the cab driver was extremely helpful in sending the phone back to the guardhouse.  

"The guards told me that they'd take care of it and told me to go ahead for my interview.

"I was extremely touched by their gesture and their sincerity in lending a hand.

"Although I was late for the interview, it warms my heart to know that there are such kind and helpful souls around when in need.

Stomper Tan is grateful to the two guards on duty, as well as the taxi driver of SHD5734S, for cooperating and helping him retrieve his phone.

As you can see, a little gesture goes a long way. Stay kind everyone!