Man makes himself right at home at Beach Road stairway, allegedly for 2 years

Submitted by Stomper James

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Stomper James and his fellow residents at Block 6 Beach Road are frustrated with a man who has been loitering at the ground floor staircase, apparently for over two years now.

The man would sit at the staircase every day, hindering residents from taking the stairs.

Said James: "The man just sits there blocking the stairways and lying down like it's his home. 

"Sometimes he comes in the afternoon, sometimes at night. All I know is that he comes every day. 

"The lift at the ground level takes longer to arrive and we (the residents) often try to take it from the 2nd floor instead.

"However, the stairways are always blocked by him.

In addition, the man often eats his meals and smoke at the stairways too.

After the meals, the stairways are often dirtied with leftovers or spilt drinks.

James said: "Then he leaves the food there after eating, and it becomes so dirty.

"I don’t know about the arrangements but I know someone buys him a lunch box every day.

"Sometimes, he spills coffee all over the place, or leave his drinks there. He even smokes here."

Asked if any of the residents have confronted the man for his inconsiderate actions thus far, James said: "We are all afraid to confront him because he may turn aggressive."

Stomp has contacted Jalan Besar Town Council for comment.