Man looking for missing Honda Jazz after guy he subleased it to goes MIA

Submitted by Stomper Ivan

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Stomper Ivan is appealing to the public to help him find a white Honda Jazz he had subleased to another man who became uncontactable more than a week ago.

Ivan had rented the car, with licence plate number SBM6080L, for a four-month term from CDM Automobile on June 1.

In August, he put a listing on Carousell to sublease the car until the end of September as he was unable to use it that often.

After seeing the post, a man, S, reached out to him on Thursday, Aug 16 and the two met later that day so Ivan could pass him the car.

"The car's rental fee is $275 a week so he paid me for the remaining 3 days and we agreed that he would pay $275 every Sunday until the end of September," Ivan told Stomp on the phone.

"The terms and conditions for the rental were exactly the same and I did not charge him more or less than what I was paying.

"I also told him to go down to the dealer over the weekend so that they could prepare a new contract but as far as I know, he didn't go."

Ivan had also asked S to send him a screenshot or photo of a bank receipt every time he transferred rental money for the car for his own record.

The following week, S paid the rent for the car, as agreed upon but Ivan started facing problems the week after that.

S was due to make payment on Sunday, Sep 2, but asked Ivan if he could pay on Monday night instead as his boss had transferred him his pay "late".

However, according to Ivan, he did not make the transfer and did not contact Ivan again until he was asked on Sep 5 whether he had made the transfer.

On Thursday, Sep 6, S messaged Ivan via WhatsApp and asked if he could pay two weeks rent ($550) at the end of the week (Sep 9) instead as he was "a bit tight" for cash.

Ivan agreed and on Sep 8, asked if S could pay by that night.

Despite agreeing, S did not make the payment and only replied Ivan the next day (Sep 9) at 11.38am, apologising that he had "overslept".

At 12.03pm, he said that he would transfer after he had his lunch and at 2.08pm, said he was on the way to the bank.

When Ivan asked if he had done it yet, he replied that he would be depositing money at 4.30pm.

At that point, Ivan was being rushed by the car dealer so S replied at 8.20pm it would be "settled" by 10pm but Ivan did not hear a peep from him until midnight.

Ivan admonished him for committing to renting a car but not delivering and S replied at 2.24am on Sep 10 that he only had $300 left in his bank account and asked if he could give that money to Ivan and return him his car before 10am.

"At this point, I was still trying to get my full $550 back," said Ivan who asked S to bring the cash when he returned the car.

However, after his last message at 2.40am, S became unresponsive.

Later at 11.16am, someone claiming to be S's elder brother messaged Ivan using S's number and said that he had left the car at the basement of a multi-storey carpark at Block 308A Punggol Walk.

Ivan insisted that he wants to see payment before going down to collect the car or for S to pay him in cash in person upon delivering the car back to him.

The brother said he would pass this on to S but also became unresponsive after 1.20pm.

Since then, Ivan has not heard anything from anyone about the car.

"On Sep 10, I asked my friend who lives in the area to help me check if the car is really at Block 308A," said Ivan.

"He made two rounds and could not find the car.

"I also went around Yishun the next day (Sep 11) after my friend said he saw the car there and recognised the licence plate."

However, his search was futile.

After making a police report just after midnight on Sep 12, Ivan tried driving around Punggol to look for the car but still found nothing.

"I hope people can help me keep a lookout for this car that was last seen in Punggol and Yishun," said Ivan.

If you have seen this car, kindly contact Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.

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