Man looking for luggage that went missing at Harbourfront Ferry Terminal

Submitted by Stomper Ivan Christian

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A man who disembarked at Harbourfront Ferry Terminal on Sunday night (Aug 14) discovered that his luggage had gone missing and is now appealing for its return.

Stomper Ivan Christian said the medium-sized luggage is black in colour, has a lock of white and purple colour, and has a ferry luggage tag with the name Poppy Tanoewidjaja.

The tag looks like this:

Ivan Christian said: "If you have mistakenly taken our luggage from Harbourfront Ferry Terminal on August 14 at around 8.30pm (SGT) upon arrival from Batam on Majestic Fast Ferry, we would really appreciate if you could return it to us.

"The luggage contains our personal medications and a lot of things of personal value. Other important contents include winter clothes and CDs.

"We lost our luggage during our trip from Batam to Singapore (departed at 18:30 IDT and arrived at around 20:30 SGT).

"We had placed the missing luggage on the baggage compartment of the ferry alongside two other luggage. While the other two luggage were found in the baggage claim area, we couldn't find the missing luggage anywhere.

"We have contacted the relevant authorities, including the port security and the ferry provider, Majestic Fast Ferry, for assistance and help on this case. We are eagerly waiting for good news from any and all parties involved in this issue. We also really appreciate any help that we can get on this case."

If you have any information regarding the missing luggage, kindly contact Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.

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