Man looking for girl he exchanged glances with on MRT train: 'Not a pick-up line, but do I know you?'

Submitted by Stomper Cludmeder

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Stomper Clubmeder is looking for a girl whom he exchanged several glances with while on a train on the East West-Line earlier today afternoon (April 9), as he believes she might be an acquaintance.

He described the elusive girl to be a Chinese in her 20s, with shoulder-length hair that has brown highlights.

She was in a black top, khaki bermudas and black Havaiana flip-flops, with a hair rubber band around her arm).

The girl was also using a gold-coloured iPhone and carrying a black Kate Spade Cameron Street Small Dody Crossbody, said Clubmeder.

(Photo illustration of the bag that Clubmeder described)

The Stomper recounted what happened: "I met this girl at Jurong East MRT interchange this afternoon, slightly after 12pm.

"We were crossing over to the platform (for the train going towards Pasir Ris) when we sorted of 'spotted' each other for a moment.

"As I entered the train when it arrived, I looked up and realised that she was standing right opposite me inside the same carriage!

"Throughout the train journey, we did exchange a few glances and there was a moment when our eyes were locked unto each other for more than a few seconds, as if we were trying to figure if we might know each other!

"We both alighted at Raffles Place MRT Station and I thought of approaching her to ask if we had met somewhere (not a pick-up line please!) as I exited the gantry, but I realised that she was already gone!"

Clubmeder hopes that he can connect with the girl again.

If you are the girl or know her, kindly contact us at or WhatsApp (+65) 9384 3761.