Man looking for birth parents who sold him away at birth: "I need to know why they sold me"

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Stomper Desmond, 41, is looking for his biological parents.

His adoptive parents told him in December 2017 that he was actually adopted, and his birth parents had sold him off. 

They then gave him his birth certificate, which showed the names of his parents, Mr Swee Hoon and Mrs Tan Lay Hong, as well as their last known address in Lengkok Bahru. 

According to the information on the birth certificate, the couple should be in their 60s. 

The birth certificate also showed that Desmond was born in Alexandra Hospital on June 4, 1977. 

Said Desmond:

“I really want to find them.

"I need to know why they sold me.”

Desmond shared with Stomp further about how he felt after finding out that he was adopted, as well as the turbulent relationship with his adoptive parents over his recent marriage.

He added:

"I married my girlfriend recently, and my adoptive mother doesn't like my wife.

"They disowned me and give me the birth certificate to look for my biological parents."

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