Man finding $10k ring lost at Cuscaden Patio: He bought it for GF of 10 years after saving up for ages

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Stomper Loh is looking for a diamond engagement ring that his girlfriend lost at Cuscaden Patio, a pub in Orchard, on Sep 19.

Loh, who has been dating his girlfriend for nearly 10 years, told Stomp that he worked very hard to save up for the ring before proposing with it.

According to him, the ring is worth $10,000 and was purchased from Goldheart.

The couple were at Cuscaden Patio when his girlfriend removed the accessory from her finger and left it on a table.

Loh said: "When she realised what happened, we went back but it was already gone.

"Staff said nobody returned the ring."

A police report was made on Monday (Nov 6).

"If we can't find the ring, I will have to buy her another one.

"Another who has it, please contact Stomp. I will really appreciate it," added Loh.

Kindly email us at or WhatsApp 9384 3761 if you have any information about the ring.

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