Man lies across plane seats with shoes on during flight: Scoot makes appeal to customers

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Low-cost airline Scoot is appealing to all passengers to be responsible and respectful on board their aircraft after a man was photographed lying down on plane seats with his footwear on.

Facebook user Samantha Wong had posted a picture of the man's inappropriate behaviour on a Scoot flight from Bangkok to Singapore on April 20.

The man can be seen lying down with his body across two plane seats, with his shoes on.

Wong wrote in her post on Sunday (Apr 24): "(This man...) Can't even be bothered to take off his shoes. He wears his shoes (to) walk here and there, go toilet, go on mud and dirt etc etc. Imagine the next passenger have to sit there. Inconsiderate and selfish."

Wong also said that while it was "ok to lie down", the least the man could have done was to take off his shoes.

The post has drawn over 100 comments, with many netizens criticising the man. One user said that even just lying down was not acceptable.

In response to a Stomp query, a Scoot spokesman said: "With the gradual increase in travel resumptions, Scoot would like to appeal to all customers to exercise responsibility and respect one another on board our aircraft so that everyone can experience fuss-free and pleasant travels.

"Our staff continuously aspire to provide our customers with the best experiences, and will take necessary measures to mitigate disruptive behaviours, should they arise during flight service."