Man left with spinal injury and $10k bills after hit-and-run at Pasir Ris: "I can't even work now"

A man was left with a severe spinal injury after getting rammed by a BMW from the back while waiting for the lights to turn green at a traffic junction between Pasir Ris Drive 1 and 2. 

The hit-and-run accident happened on Feb 1 at around 1.54am. 

According to the victim, Mr Ke Qingjie, 51, the car that hit him was a BMW 5 Series bearing the license plate number, SCK101Z. 

Mr Ke is currently hospitalised and has to wear a neck brace. 

According to him, he had stopped his vehicle at a traffic junction and was waiting for the lights to turn green when he suddenly felt a huge impact coming from the back.

The impact caused the entire vehicle to surge forward, reports Lianhe Wanbao.

He said:

“I was stunned for a moment. I felt my ears ringing, and my hands which were gripping the steering were so painful that they turned numb. My neck was in terrible pain as well. I couldn’t move.”

Mr Ke said that after the incident, he was in a daze.

He remembered that someone opened his door, and told him that help would be arriving, asking him to ‘hang on’.

Mr Ke continued:

“After I was hospitalised, I couldn’t move for two to three days. I had to be on painkillers and anaesthesia so I could sleep. 

“The doctor said my spine became misaligned, and over half the central nerves in my spine were damaged. I could have been paralysed if the nerves snapped during the accident.”

As the misalignment was quite serious, the doctor had to implant a metal plate in Mr Ke’s neck to rectify it.

The procedure was completed on Friday (Feb 2). 

Mr Ke said that just the procedure alone cost him $6,000. 

Coupled with the hospitalisation expenses, he could be looking at $10,000 or more. 

“The doctor told me that it could be three months before I can be discharged, and at least six months before I fully recover.”

Said Mr Ke who works as a deliveryman:

“I can’t even work now. I have no income, and I don’t know what to do.”

He revealed that the BMW driver did not stop to help after the accident and fled immediately.

Mr Ke’s brother, Facebook user Sky Cwa also posted about the incident online, asking for witnesses to step forth.