Man leaves Compass One shop with phone belonging to employee, whose back was turned

Submitted by Stomper Ang

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A man was caught on camera taking an iPhone away from the counter of a shop located at Compass One shopping mall today morning (Oct 20), before leaving the premises.

Stomper Ang, who is a franchisee of Mister Minit, alerted Stomp to the incident that occurred at around 10.14am. He also contributed CCTV footage that showed what happened.

Mister Minit is a chain of stores that specialises in repairs for shoes, bags and watches. It also offers key duplication and engraving services.

Ang said the iPhone belonged to his staff member, who had his back turned when the man committed the act.

Said the Stomper: "I believe the man had already seen the phone and pretended to ask my shop assistant something, so that the latter's back would be turned.

"After realising what happened, my shop assistant called his phone. It rang the first time but when he tried again, the phone had been switched off."

Ang has since made a police report, a copy of which Stomp received.