Man 'kidnapped' outside Sungei Kadut factory apologises for wasting police resources

A Caucasian man who was ‘kidnapped’ by two other men outside a factory in Sungei Kadut as part of a bachelor party prank has apologised for wasting the resources of the Singapore Police Force (SPF). 

The incident which happened on Saturday afternoon (Nov 25) was witnessed by a security guard who called the police, having mistaken the prank to be a real case of kidnapping.

Over 20 police officers were activated to investigate the incident. 

The ‘victim’, 27-year-old Paul, detailed the entire incident to Shin Min Daily News after returning from his bachelor party in Vietnam.

Paul said that he had walked out of his office on the day of the incident when he heard someone calling him.

Two masked men then pounced on him and placed a hood over his head.

He said:

“Although they had face masks on, I could recognise them immediately as my friends.

“Even if I couldn’t see their faces, I recognised their voices.

“They restrained me up using a pair of pink handcuffs. 

“I pretended to struggle and we all fell onto the road.”

He was then brought to a waiting car.

Paul revealed that after he was tossed into the backseat of the car, the ‘kidnappers’ put on a pair of earphones for him, so he could not eavesdrop on them.

“I was blindfolded for about 1 hour.

“When they finally removed my blindfold, I realised that we were at the airport, and were about to board a plane.”

After boarding the plane, Paul received calls and messages from the police, as well as his colleagues. 

He quickly informed them of the misunderstanding and told them that he was safe. 

According to Paul, he and six of his friends flew to Vietnam, where they met two other friends from Hanoi and Bangkok. 

“We had some delicious food in Ho Chi Minh, played pool, and drank in the local bars till early morning the next day. 

“It was very enjoyable.

“As for the two men who ‘kidnapped’ me, one of them’s my university friend whom I got to know while studying in France.

“I met the other guy in Singapore during the last two years.”

Paul added that although he was surprised and delighted with his friends’ efforts, he was deeply apologetic for wasting the police’s resources. 

“Although the plan was devised by my friends, I’m still sorry. 

“I also want to commend the efficiency of the Singapore Police Force.”

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