Man in Malaysia discovers that daughter, 14, was raped by BF after finding sex video in her phone

A Malaysian father discovered that his daughter, 14, had been raped by her 17-year-old boyfriend after finding a sex video on her phone.

The man was reportedly checking through his daughter’s phone at about 6pm on Monday (June 25) when he came across the video.

District police chief Deputy Superintendent Mohd Haris Ibrahim told the New Straits Times that the man then confronted his daughter but she kept mum about it.

Infuriated, the man contacted his daughter’s boyfriend, who admitted that he was the person in the video.

He reportedly revealed to the devastated father that the act had taken place in a carpark at Taman Malakun on June 19.

The man made a police report at about 12.25am on Tuesday (June 26).

Superintendent Haris Ibrahim added that the youth, who works at a shop, was detained following the report.

Investigations are ongoing.

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